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Questions? Call Us    020 8638 6308
Questions? Call Us    020 8638 6308


Often, people stay inside because they do not find their current walking aids easy to use.  That’s why Rollz desgined a great looking rollator that people will enjoy using. The Rollz designers found solutions for a number of challenges:

A rollator should offer proper support and stability.
It has to look elegant, modern and stylish.
It needs to manoeuvre easily; the better it moves around, the lighter a rollator feels to handle.
A robust design with a have a high-end look which will last a long time.
Weight should remain relatively light.

All of the above are successfully merged into the design of the Rollz Motion and Rollz Flex design rollators.
The Rollz Motion has won leading prizes: the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award 2012.

By choosing a Rollz designed rollator: you choose to enjoy your outings