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Call Us    020 8638 6308

byAcre Backrest

by byAcre
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Key Features

  • Easily attached and detached
  • Great support
  • Adjustable height
  • Shaped like the back of a chair for extra comfort
  • Click on/click off system


The backrest for the Carbon Ultralight Rollator offers great support for your lower back while you’re taking a rest on the seat of your rollator.

The backrest can easily be attached and detached.  Rollator folds and unfolds with the backrest in place - there is no need to remove it.

To better facilitate a rest while out on a trip, byAcre have designed a backrest that supports your lower back while sitting on the seat of your rollator.

Great support for your lower back while sitting on your rollator.

Adjustable height so it fits no matter the height on your rollator (though limited to a max height 25mm below the rollators tallest position).

Easy to attach and detach and shaped like the backrest of a chair, so it is comfortable.