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  • Meet Uli from Germany

    Meet Uli from Germany

    Bertha - without Bertha I wouldn't go shopping. I have to sit down every 20 minutes.
    I don't even think about it any more ... I walk around and sit down when I want to.
    I really have gained a lot of independence ...
    I travelled with Bertha to the US and Topanga with steep hills, mountains and I'd say "Yes, come on Bertha".
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  • byAcre Ultralight honest views of young adult adapting to life with MS

    Janneke has her freedom back

    I'm a spontaneous girl who likes to go out and I love walking.  I like to go out with friends to festivals and have a beer at the bar but there's also a side of me that is not always active. 
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Introducing ...

Coming Soon .....the lightest off road rollator at 6.7kg

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