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byACRE is a Copenhagen-based company that is transforming the global rollator market. Their walkers represent advanced engineering, mindful design, style and personalisation.

The majority of walkers and rollators on the market denote feelings of dependence and age. These outdated models are not an accurate reflection of the thriving older adult community. When byACRE creates mobility products, they are designed for a person, not a patient. byACRE believes that rollators should be functional, easier to use, better for the environment; and even stylish.

Their Carbon Ultralight rollator is not only the most stylish outdoor rollator, but it is also the lightest in the world at only 4.8kg (as heavy as a cat). Their Overland is the earth's lightest off-road rollator at 6.7kg. They are CE-certified and Tüv tested.

The world has taken notice of the work of byACRE. Since 2017, they have earned four of the world’s most prestigious awards in design and innovation, including the 2019 RedDot Design Award.'