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Best Sellers - Rollators and Wheelchairs

Here is a selection of the best rollators and wheelchairs in the UK according to our amazing customers.

What makes a great rollator or wheelchair?

As these pieces of equipment are so heavily relied upon, our manufacturers have to consider many elements when designing them. Below are some key features to look for during your research:


Safety must always be the primary factor in design, it can't be compromised. The user needs to feel confident and have peace of mind with every step taken.

Reliable and hard-wearing brakes, along with large, sturdy wheels with good traction are a must. 


As one of our customers once eloquently described, these pieces of mobility equipment are "unwanted necessities". You can't get away from using them, so you need to feel the best you can when doing so. Vibrant and empowering colours, coupled with an ergonomic design are a must. 


A wheelchair or rollator is a significant purchase, especially in these difficult economic times. You want to sleep easy knowing that the equipment is going to last you for years. This is why they need to be built with long-lasting materials and backed by a manufacturer's warranty.


Due to wear and tear, things will inevitably go wrong leading to your mobility equipment needing maintenance. Things that need maintenance include replacing stretched brake cables, changing worn tyres and lubricating wheel bearings. These tasks should be easy, cheap and quick to carry out, meaning you aren't left with your equipment for a prolonged period. 

What is the Best Rollator?

In our humble opinion, the best rollator walker with a seat is the folding, four-wheeled byACRE carbon ultralight rollator. What makes it so unique is its carbon fibre frame which allows it to weigh 4.8kg whilst still being unbelievably strong and sturdy.  

It comes in five eye-catching colours and three different widths. The brake cables are hidden in the frame and handles are positioned to promote good posture.

It is one of our best-selling rollators and our stock is held in the UK ready for immediate dispatch. 

What is the Best Wheelchair?

If you're looking for mobility assistance, the Rollz Motion offers the flexibility of a wheelchair and rollator all in one neat package. It has a built-in seat, along with ergonomic handles making it frictionless to be pushed in or drive yourself.