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Rollators and Walkers

Browse our broad selection of rollators.

About Our Rollators

Our mobility shop stocks a range of rollators and walkers designed to help users get their freedom back, one step at a time. Assist Mobility has taken the approach of quality over quantity. We stand by each and every one of the products you see listed on our website. Here is an introduction to some of our favourites:

byACRE Carbon Ultralight

Described as the world's lightest outdoor rollator walker, the byACRE Carbon Ultralight is not only stunning to look at, it has amazing functionality to match. Including hidden brake cables for low maintenance, tapered designed to protect your hands from hitting door frames and ergonomic handles for improved posture.

byACRE Carbon Overland

This outdoor walker has all the amazing properties of its sibling, the aforementioned Ultralight, but with the added ability to tackle challenging terrains including the beach and the woods. The Carbon Overland is able to achieve this because of its pneumatic wheels and upgraded suspension. Unlike other rollators and walkers, this has sealed bearings allowing it to go into shallow water without the wheel sizing up.

Rehasesne Space LX

This is a reliable and fully-featured entry-level rollator walker with a seat built in. The Space LX comes bundles with added accessories at no extra cost, including a backrest, cane holder and bag.

Trust Care Let's Go Out

If you are in the market for mobility walkers with a seat, the Let's Go Out could be right up your street. It offers large, heavy-duty wheels for ease of movement, along with a foldable built-in seat and ergonomic handles.

In summary, we are proud of the high-quality selection our team have curated. We believe we have a selection of the best rollators in the UK.