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Call Us    020 8638 6308

byAcre Cane Holder

by byAcre
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Key Features

  • Choice of left or right hand side
  • 3D printed in a dynamic design
  • Easy to fit (see video below)
  • Easy to use
  • Left-handed or right-handed
  • Clean and practical
  • Designed to fit contours of rollator
  • Dynamic shape


To hold your cane in place while walking with your Carbon Ultralight rollator byAcre have designed this smart and easy-to-use cane holder

The Cane Holder for the Carbon Ultralight Rollator offers a clever way to keep your cane in place while walking with the rollator.

It is easy to use and easy to attach and detach from the rollator.  With the drain at the bottom, water and debris are not collected and can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth or if need be, washing-up liquid.

It is 3D printed to give it a dynamic and more intricate shape that matches the design of the Carbon Ultralight rollator.  By 3D printing byAcre have also reduced any material wastage in the production of the cane holder.

3D printed in a dynamic design to match the design and shapes of the rollator.

Easy to use simply put your cane into the bottom part of the cane holder and click it into the clip on the seat frame.

Drain at the bottom so that dirt and water are not collected and easily dispersed.

Easy to attach and detach you simply click on a clip on the seat frame and push the bottom part onto the rollator frame.


Customer Reviews

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insecure fitting

A cane holder is a very useful add-on for a rollator. But the clip-on attachments for the ByAcre Ultralight unclip too easily; so for example, when I am lifting my rollator into my car-boot it is very easy to knock them off: I haven't yet lost any of the parts down a drain for example but I could easily do so. Maybe straps would be more secure ?