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Call Us    020 8638 6308

Rollz Motion Rollator Seat Belt

by Rollz
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Key Features

  • Easy to fit to secure the user in the wheelchair
  • Added security
  • Adaptable
  • Simple to use
  • Stays in place when converting to wheelchair or rollator
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • 5 years warranty


Some people get a feeling of safety wearing a belt when they’re being pushed in the Rollz Motion. The belt is easy to use and to attach to the wheelchair package.

The Rollz seat belt can be fixed with velcro at the back of the wheelchair package and adjust to the desired size.

Please ensure the wider, foamed part is at the front of the user's abdomen.

When the seat belt is not in use, you can un-clip the buckle and store it at the top of the wheelchair package.

You can convert the Rollz Motion into a walker while the belt is attached to the wheelchair package.

Works with all the Rollz Motion models.

Please note: The seat belt is not a safety belt.