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Call Us    020 8638 6308

Saljol LED Light

by Saljol
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Key Features

  • Bright and easy to install LED light 
  • Extremely bright LED lamp
  • Universally mountable on different types of rollators or wheelchairs
  • Magnetically adheres to ferrous substrates
  • Easy operation for seniors


With this bright SALJOL Rollator LED Light  you are clearly visible in the dark and the footwell is illuminated - small obstacles can easily be seen.

The SALJOL Rollator Light is a safe companion in road traffic for every rollator and wheelchair user. 

The extremely bright LED lamp can easily be attached to a hook or eyelet, e.g. a rollator bag, and clipped on.  The flashlight can be easily attached to an iron-containing surface such as a refrigerator door, using two magnets.

Bright and easy to install LED light.