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byAcre Ultralight honest views of young adult adapting to life with MS

Janneke has her freedom back

Meet Janneke, 25 years old from the Netherlands talking candidly about adapting to life with Multiple Sclerosis.  The adjustments and acceptance of using a mobility aid and the perceived conceptions Janneke has met and overcome.  A lifting opinion from a young, confident lady.

Janneke, owns a byAcre Carbon Ultralight rollator and tells us about how she deals with the mobility challenges in her life everyday and has overcome them.

"I'm a spontaneous girl who likes to go out and I love walking.  I like to go out with friends to festivals and have a beer at the bar but there's also a side of me that is not always active.  I can't always think straight, it's because of the MS.  It gives me problems with mobility, balance and all sorts of things.  Most of those things are invisible for others.  They see the happy me ....
.... I am happy I can go out.  Even when I'm not walking I can sit and see the people I want to see and I can talk to them.
I used my bike as a mobility aid, but a bicycle isn't always a good thing ..... took me a long time .... now I have my freedom back ...
has become part of my life ....
when I have a rough day and I'm a bit weak then my rollator is awesome you have to stay open mined and that's a good way to stay positive.
... how it looks good and how fashionable it looks, I don't have to dress up any more ...
I don't always need it, but I can't take my rest moments and at those moments I'm not able to talk with my family, but when I take it  ...


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