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Keeping fit with you rollator during lockdown and winter

Keeping fit with you rollator during lockdown and winter

Don't let lockdown get the better of you.  With shorter, colder winter days added to this current lockdown period, what better way to get some exercise indoors with your trusty rollator.

The hardest challenge is to actually start.  All physicians and nutritionists recommend exercise, be it daily or multiple times a week, to stay fit and healthy.

We now have the problem of Covid and the lockdown making excursions and walks outdoors even harder. The winter months are not helping matters one bit.  It should never be assumed that exercise is meant to be outdoors or in a gym complex, innovation and imagination are key to tackling and overcoming the issues.  Also some people do not dare to go out, because they are feeling unstable or don’t want to use a traditional walking device, so below we give some videos to inspire and encourage indoor activities using your rollator. 

Staying active and using your muscles daily is a great way to stay fit.  Even for people with limited mobility, walking and gentle exercise is considered healthy.

Dancing with a rollator
Bonnie has danced her whole life but after becoming ill a few years ago she thought she would no longer be able to practice. To her pleasant surprise she discovered the handlebar of her rollator is a perfect barre for dancing exercises and that enabled her to even start teaching rollator dancing classes. Dancing helps to stay fit – even in coronavirus times.

This story is not only about Bonnie. It could be about anybody using a rollator and still wanting to stay fit, but not being able to go for a walk or to the gym. Or someone who is forced to remain indoors due to circumstances. Doing a few simple exercises while holding your rollator will benefit your muscles and health. Moving whilst dancing can also be a lot of fun.


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