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Rollator or wheelchair - you can have both

Rollator or wheelchair - you can have both

Imagine having the best of both worlds? A rollator AND a wheelchair for when you need it? The 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair.

The Rollz recognises that part time wheelchair users do exist, where you need a little reassurance and knowledge that should you need assistance your rollator easily and happily adapts into a wheelchair for as long as you need it to. That could be for a few minutes rest to re-charge or take in a view or help up a hill or on a challenging surface. The Rollz is there to help you.

Here we attempt to guide you though the choices between the Rollz models.

Rollz Motion² Combined Rollator and Wheelchair

The Rollz Motion² is an exceptionally well designed, strong, highly functional mobility aid that comes in a choice of four colours to suit every possible taste and style for every generation. With a flick-of-the-wrist transform your Rollz Motion² rollator into a wheelchair and back.

The Rollz Motion is slightly heavier than a standard rollator at 11.6kg, due to the fact that it’s designed to be able to support your full weight when used as a wheelchair.

The wonderful thing about the Rollz Motion is that it easily and quickly converts from a rollator into a wheelchair, allowing you to walk comfortably and then have the added bonus of changing quickly to a pushable wheelchair with foot rests.

 Rollz Motion couple enjoying a walk

Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain Combined Rollator and Wheelchair

For those who want more from their outdoor rollator, this little piece of magic takes the experience one step further with Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain.  There's no need to stick to shops and walks in the park, the Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain helps you to go off road, and again has the benefit of being a rollator or wheelchair, dependent on when and if required - the choice is yours.  This multi-functional 2 in 1 rollator and wheelchair is made to assist and re-assure the user at all times.

The Performance is functionally the same as the Rollz Motion², but with pneumatic tyres which are air-filled and means a smoother ride over rough bumpy ground, cobblestones and uneven terrain.

Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain resting and enjoying the view

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