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Meet Uli from Germany and her byACRE Carbon Ultralight

Meet Uli from Germany and her byACRE Carbon Ultralight

Meet Uli from Germany, a byAcre Carbon Ultralight owner who talks about her daily life with a rollator and how she deals with the mobility challenges in her daily life suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis.

"I have to sit down ...
I got very depressed ... didn't go out any more.
It's new territory but a complete relief ...
I only knew those old traditional ones .....

... then i picked it up and thought 'wow' ... it was completely clear that this was the one for me.

Bertha - without Bertha I wouldn't go shopping. I have to sit down every 20 minutes.
I don't even think about it any more ... I walk around and sit down when I want to.
I really have gained a lot of independence ...
I travelled with Bertha to the US and Topanga with steep hills, mountains and I'd say 'Yes, come on Bertha'.
She supports me.  We walked through crowds in Los Angeles, we
walked through the woods with her at night - i told byAcre I need
need lights!  We went on the beach - people thought she was a beach buggy!

I named her 'Bertha' after Bertha Benz who is the wife of Carl Benz who invented the car! Bertha also means 'the bright one'.
I hold Bertha with one hand"

Uli on the sandy beach with byAcre Ultralight

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