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Martin Baum - MS Blogger on byACRE Rollator in North London

Martin Baum takes the byACRE Ultralight for a spin around North London

There’s Nothing Pedestrian about this rollator

As an MSer, anything designed to eliminate discomfort while travelling gets my vote from the get-go.  Looks are important, obviously, especially when weaving a rollator along a high street full of, well - and for want of a better word - pedestrians.  What a self-entitled motley crew they make, obstructing the pavement, but there you go.  In an ideal world where I wouldn’t need a walking stick or a rollator, all should be fun and harmonious livin' la vida loca.  Which leaves me to reasonably wonder why I shouldn’t feel as confident as any foot-traveller wending their way to Starbucks for a grossly overpriced pastry or frothy coffee, and more fool them for that.

So, if nirvana can be attained with a mode of transport that is a hybrid of both comfort and beauty, where a relationship between a person's mental wellbeing or physicality would achieve a much overdue top up of spiritual enlightenment, why not a rollator?  In other words, something that is far more acceptable than having to abide shoppers in a hurry.  Bargain hunters who feel inclined to rage against the rollator machine for fear of being stuck behind a slow-moving mobile walking frame.  If anything like that can be found for someone like me, a newbie still trying to find his feet (or wheels) along the high street, then count me in on a byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator.

Having previously gone off-roading with the Carbon Overland model in a park (blog), I was given the opportunity to spend a morning test-driving the less weighty Carbon Ultralight.  We - that is Lizzy, my long-suffering wife/carer and I - took to Temple Fortune in Barnet, the place of my birth and formative years to rigorously evaluate its suburban performance credentials. Whereas previously in the park, whizzing through the grass while avoiding all avian moving targets, now I was going to have to chart a course along the uneven terrain of pavements filled with oncoming perambulators, the very thought of which scared the living daylights out of me.

byACRE Ultralight in London

And so once again, after Lizzy effortlessly took the rollator from the boot of our hatchback, and with the Carbon Ultralight unfolded without complication or issue, it was once again time to ‘push on.’ It was strange to steer in an environment so different to the previous open space, where navigation was quite literally ‘a walk in the park.’  (Note to self: I must stop using these metaphors. Lizzy tells me I am so much better than that). Yet despite trying to avoid the footfall of human traffic as if playing a game of dodgeball, the handling of the rollator frame was surprisingly relaxed and lightweight enough to circumnavigate the oncoming pedestrian tsunami.

Having already been seduced by the appearance of the Carbon Overland model, the Ultralight was no different in style or easy handling. Just like its all-terrain cousin, here was the same stylish, sturdy-looking rollator with that familiar crook in its metal knee bend. The colour was a beautiful shade of Strawberry Red, which brought back happy memories of when I was a ten-year-old boy riding around on my Moulten Mini bicycle (google it).  It was remarkably similar in colour. I loved that bike right up to the time my mother backed her Triumph Herald over it by reversing out of the driveway where I had unwisely left it. But I digress.

Today my life is less about two wheels and more about trying to navigate with four.  One immediate benefit of this is the built-in seat that unfolds and blends in beautifully with the rollator.  And while there may be some out there who might want their seat made of leather for that added touch of class to separate themselves from the riff-raff, the fact is you can’t have it. I imagine the same applies to suede and faux leather but as my fashion sense is less needy, I was happy enough to let the durable high-strength fabric take the strain of my derrière when I settled in and posed for my close up.

byACRE Ultralight rollators in 5 colours

And yet putting vanity and ego aside, at the forefront of human disability evolution, we older people (yes, including myself who at 64 - despite my devilish good looks and naturally dark hair that doesn’t come out of a bottle), must yield to the inevitable by accepting that even I no longer am able to bathe in the fountain of youth.  When I wrote earlier that anything designed to eliminate discomfort whilst travelling gets my attention, this is why.  My car has ergonomic seats that provide support for the spine, pelvis, and limbs.  As an MSer this is what I need and it was my good fortune that byACRE rollators have ergonomic handles to ensure correct upright posture. 

This was kismet for somebody like me who is slowly trying to come to terms with a new status of disability and purpose in life.  What has also been handy is getting comfortable with something that is going to play a pivotal part in the future me.  Or is it already the present?  Like the Overland, not only is the Carbon Ultralight walker a stylish, efficient, and modern fibre rollator, lest we forget, it has ergonomic technology!  So, what more could this devil-may-care, sensation-seeking man about town possibly want?

As I was freewheeling (sort of) along Temple Fortune high street, just as we were about to pass Waitrose Lizzy decided it was a good idea to nip in for a quick shop.  Fortuitous as it turned out, as it allowed me to pilot my rollator through the twists and turns of the aisles, which I did with aplomb (go me!).  On the way out I noticed a sign explaining the origins of Temple Fortune.  It was thought to have got its name from the Knights Templar dating from the 13th century.  How about that?  To think that Richard the Lionheart, on his way to the Crusades to fight his nemesis Saladin (look it up), could have also nipped into ye olde branch of Waitrose for an avocado and quinoa Saladin (no apologies for the pun).

Martin Baum - MS Blogger with byACRE Ultralight Rollator

Back in the day there was Richard on his equine mount proudly holding the Lionheart sword he carried in his quest for Jerusalem. Then there was me - in the present day – a proud MS crusader, bold and empowered, confidently holding the handles that blended beautifully with the elegant, but forceful curve of the knee bend that makes byAcre rollators so distinctive. 

So – in summary - I found the Ultralight easy to manoeuvre, remarkably simple to open just as it was to collapse it again, but most importantly, it left me feeling less conspicuous than I do when I lose my centre of gravity, spinning and ending up colliding with compete strangers, if not the ground.  Ouch.  And on that bombshell, as an MSer my mantra is to live life not MS so if this rollator fills me with energy and joie de vivre, then happy days.

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